5 SIMPLE TRICKS to WIN solo queue NO ONE USES – Best tips to GAIN MMR and RANK UP | Dota 2 Guide

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In this pro Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers his picks for the TOP 5 BEST tips and tricks that NO ONE USES to carry your games and gain some easy MMR! Use these simple tips to win more games and RANK UP FAST in solo queue – from buying Smokes to avoiding feeding on highground. These 5 tricks will instantly boost your winrate this meta. Good luck on your climb to Immortal!

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26 thoughts on “5 SIMPLE TRICKS to WIN solo queue NO ONE USES – Best tips to GAIN MMR and RANK UP | Dota 2 Guide

  1. I never considered spamming specific hero’s but I tried it recently I picked a hero I thought was cool. Ember spirit. My first two days I was trash. Because of the quarantine I got to play all day I watched pro videos of his gameplay as well. I started noticing when my hero was most effective and could snowball and what items worked well. I’ve become really confident with him after only a week and started on storm spirit. I’m winning a lot more of my games. But solo que is still so hard to get your team behind you at 1k MMR

  2. Im archon player when i learn meepo i dominated and i got 20 win streak then in my 21 game i match with devine players and im the only one archon there is it testing my ability?

  3. ive been playing dota 2 for a while and i can tell you, 80% of the games are decided in the draft, people want to pick one HC hero and then win all the games doing the same, its not going to happen, heroes that maybe you watch one day doing a rampage like void, phantom assasin, traxes, riki, are easily countered by someone who know what he is doing, you need to learn a role in the game, if you are going to be a hc you need to learn when to fight, when to farm, when to escape, when to initiate, when you know that, you need to practice with at least 4 different HC to not be easily countered,

  4. Gaining MMR as a support feels empty and pointless. You do not grow mechanically by playing the shittiest role in the game. Everyone knows that only cores matter.

  5. Just lost two games on teammate fking throwing highground, even i beg them not to, again and again again, jesus, 3k players are dumber than boxes of rock

  6. i pick support and get carries that dont farm at all…. not that they cannot last hit nonono they just dont farm AT ALL and enemy ones always do…. [fast forward] i pick carry farm like hell almost perfect game but i have 0 wards and by the 10 minute mark there is always somebody or even 2 of them having 0-6+ score what am i to do to escape this mmr shithole?!?!?? i watched my replays and i have literally perfect support games 90% of the time but i lose 80% of the time and as a carry i either have great start and items by minute 10 of 15 but there is always that 1 enemy who is 10-0 and already too far ahead of me and i repeat NO WARDS ….once i was counting how many wards will my teammates buy over course of 10 games that i played carry…. IT WAS 18 FUCKING WARDS in 10 GAMES and 4 of them were mine that i placed as carry because nobody else would…………… PS i tried warding as a carry but that just fucks up economy too hard

  7. I became from archon1 to legend 1 just by watching these videos especially on support guides because 90 percent of the players on that rank hates support but bdw thank you Gameleap for making these videos.!!

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