Don't Feed Volibear — In-Depth Champion Information (League of Legends)

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My games were hit or miss with Volibear. I guess you could say I was a bi-polar bear! He was enjoyable but I felt he was very specialized to certain types of teams — as I said in the movie, he’d be a lot better in draft mode where you have some idea of who you’re up against. His lack of a strong escape mechanism, combined with his complete inability to close in on many champions without a summoner ability, or move-speed items like Shurelya’s, or QSS, etc., made him frustrating in a number of games. (I particularly liked my game with Ezrael/Vayne/Riven/Talon, with an exhaust to really send the message home that I would never get near them until they made a mistake; my score was good and I believe we won, but I did not enjoy the game)

I tried Volibear as a jungler, as a bruiser, as a pure tank, as a pure warmogs-stacking monster, and as a support tank. I never did an Ability Power or spell vamp build for him, so I won’t speak to its effectiveness. I found I performed best with Warmog’s, Atma’s, and Shurelya’s Reverie as my core items, and I rarely went far beyond this build as the games didn’t last long enough. Shurelya’s was a huge benefit. I saw a Solomid recommendation to pick up Wit’s End, though I only tried this a few times.

Runes/Masteries/Skills/Gear and the transcript for the movie can be found here:

(I will probably not be able to continue posting this information into the YouTube movie information box due to size limitations on YouTube.)

I’m not sure who I’ll do next, though I’ve already got some Kassadin footage that I did after Fizz but didn’t finish up before Volibear released.

The Don’t Feed movies are taking me much longer to complete now. This is due to two big factors:

1. I have a newborn! If you didn’t already read this on my blog, it’s the #1 reason I’ve slowed down. He’s starting to sleep through the night a bit more than he has the last month, so my time is going to free up. The main thing is that I stay awake overnight and have to be ready to respond to him if he’s upset or needs something, so I can’t commit to League matches during that time, which means it takes several days to get the video I want. (Fortunately Skyrim keeps me company during this time!)

2. The champions are more complex and/or I’m doing more research and investing more time into them. Each of my last movies have been very long (keep in mind my first DF was two and a half minutes long). The editing I’m doing is far more time consuming than the early DFs. When I’m finally done w/ the released champions, I’ll go back and improve the original DFs.

Anyway, I hope to speed up their releases again soon, though I don’t think it’ll ever go as fast as the first ones did unless I find some very simple champions. I might cover a few Recommended champions (Ashe was very popular) just to put these out a little faster until my time frees up.

I’ve been talking w/ a few big names in the League community, and I’m hoping to get a little more coverage of the series soon. As I’ve said in the last few movies, I’ll let you guys know when streaming is out — I’m not a pro LoL player, but I may be able to offer an entertaining experience.


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Don’t Feed is a video series that covers champions in greater detail than the Champion Spotlight. This series is descriptive, not prescriptive, meaning that I aim to provide you with solid information without telling you which items, runes, or masteries are best (as these frequently change). With this information, you can better play against these champions, and you may be interested in learning to play them. Even after more than a thousand games, I am still learning new things about these champions by making these videos, and I’m sure the vast majority of LoL players can learn a lot from these.

My goal is to provide these videos for all champions in League of Legends.


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50 thoughts on “Don't Feed Volibear — In-Depth Champion Information (League of Legends)

  1. Volibear is just another retarded op champions people play over and over again just to stroke their ego, its just as bad as playing lux, darius, zoe, etc

  2. ever since i bought him, i have won all the games i have played with him (thats 30 game) and in all of thoes games, i never died more then 2 times each game, and was legendary within the first 15 min.
    Voli is OP.

  3. His q does give him a 15 % speed buff if he is just running, this is a very good escape tool because you will move a bit faster than your enemy!!!

  4. Ignite cuts that in half, AND still does damage to him. Alternatively, you can just poke him from a distance and force it out early and he can't poke back so boom, wasted passive.
    Seriously, his early game is really really average unless he's actually dueling you with his passive up. Not to mention, they already DID nerf him multiple times.

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