Granny 1.6 Multiplayer Mode(Fake)

Guys This Is Not Real So Pls Don’t Say At The Comment “It’s Fake”,” I Checked On The Playstore It Said 1.5″ Pls I Just Wanted To Do This I Want To Hear “Nice Idea”,” Cool”,”Awesome ” And Yeah

This Is Not My Game And Yes We Are So Close To 200 Subs Pls Sub Thx!!!

And Of Course Hope You Like
This Video Cause I Will Really Like It And Give A Like And Sub


Download Link:


Steps To Download Nullzerep’s/rebelzmodz Mod:



Other Channels:
•Pinky Pie_Jencil


•Jacey Joslyn

•Patrick Niel John

•Francis Raphael Bonita

•Leo Animations




My Discord:

Link Of The Song / Backround Song:

The Link Of The App Of This Game:


•Josh Jutoy

My Apps For Youtube
•Du Screen Recorder (Recorder)
•Kinemaster (Edit Vids)
•Youtube Studio (To Put My Thumbnail)


What Do I Do In My Channel
-Boss 2
-Geometry dash
-Try Not To Laugh


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25 thoughts on “Granny 1.6 Multiplayer Mode(Fake)

  1. Guys i have a new channel and thats were i will be uploading and
    This channel well be dead
    Here is the link
    Here is the new channel!!!
    Subscribe or u don't get cookies

    But don't worry i will be posting one more vid about saying good bye to this channel

  2. Someone have outwitt and someone don't have the reason why he's covering something in the left side and it's not really multiplayer why granny can't see the player huh 😈😈😈

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