How To Play Xin Zhao in Season 10 | Xin Zhao Beginners Guide – League of Legends

I show you how to Carry on Xin Zhao jungle BEGINNER friendly Xin
Zhao guide.

Xin Zhao Jungle Commentary Guide Season 10 League of Legends

How to carry on Xin Zhao Jungle
How To Play Xin Zhao in Season 10 | Xin Zhao Beginners Guide League of Legends
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33 thoughts on “How To Play Xin Zhao in Season 10 | Xin Zhao Beginners Guide – League of Legends

  1. Every time I play him and I do well people call me Asian!?! Eww witch I hate being called that. But honestly Xin is such a noob champ that it makes him kinda hard to play.. if you know what I mean

  2. 8:00 I'm no expert at this but wouldn't morgana just hard int if she followed you there as she would need to ignore and walk past 2 champions?

  3. How do you instantly return the view to your champion like you did a lot of times in the video ?

  4. It's not really a how to play Xin, it's more like how to read your enemy jungle, nothing really Xin specific. But still a good video.

  5. Ok so i first time xined and i plsyed in ranked and we won and my score was 8/0/7 riot what are you doing

  6. Xin Zhao is terrible in this new meta of tanks because of his low damage, and so many people counter him

  7. 14:07 Claiming that your encounter with yasuo is a "testament" to how "disgusting that champion is" is super troll. He has 110 more HP, an extra level, and ninja tabi. You also tanked 6 caster minions and a canon minion for half a second. Lastly you smited a minion and then attacked it. Probably shouldn't have even taken this fight, but if u had won that then YOUR champion would be OP.

  8. It irates me how they pick up games in which every lane wins and plays perfectly and showcases those examples. Should just showcase examples where every lane is retarded and cant do anything when you show up to gank or when you given the advantages and cant do anything.

  9. I guess I don’t really understand max W priority. It doesn’t seem that effective other than a slow..

  10. yasuo is actually not balanced tho… doesnt even matter how much he ints, as long as he gets 2 items or so he can get pentas

  11. Can respect the knowledge provided greatly, but the moments you were blaming your teammates for mistakes that weren't being made is cringe.

  12. You always E Q W engage on xin, for the E attack speed bonus and E reset . This is the perfect example why you are clueless on xin tbh, this “noob” champ

  13. Hey KingStix, great content. Your WW video helped me crush in the jg with that champion, and now im stoked to try out Xin. My question is how do you know whether to pick ww or xin in champ select? They both seem to accomplish similar goals. Early/mid game pressure. What kinds of things do you consider when choosing which early game champion you want to play?? Does it just come down to preference? Thank you!

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