I COULD HAVE DIED! – Dalat to Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Hooolyyy crap. This was a ridiculous day. In my attempt to motorbike from Dalat to Nha Trang, I ran into some RIDICULOUS weather, and in the end I was forced to turn around and return to Dalat, six hours later. It was a crazy experience, but I also wish I could have just made it to Nha Trang… lol. Back in Dalat for now. Thank you all so much for watching. Catch you next time!

November 3, 2016

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26 thoughts on “I COULD HAVE DIED! – Dalat to Nha Trang, Vietnam

  1. i'll be in vietnam this october and november really awesome. still alot of beauty even in the rain.

  2. Liking your vids man….Sketchy? or safe if u know how to ride? Whats your budget month since u have been there?

  3. Anyone travelling south east asia and heading to Myanmar, I've just spent a month travel vlogging through there would love if you checked out my channel 🙂

    Another awesome video Jordan, I get to Vietnam on Sunday super excited!

  4. Did anyone else yell "goat!" at the end, or was it just me? 🙂 I lovelovelove these, it's sick how I'll actually talk at you (in my head back to you like you could hear) while I'm watching. I do have a question, , do you have to license the music you use?

  5. Ahh, it feels great spending some minutes at the end of the day watching your vlogs man. So true, so humble. Really enjoying them.

  6. Better luck next time with the weather. The footage was still pretty cool though, especially the waterfalls flowing down the sides. You the man!

  7. Ahh! Jordan, that was scary, and your poor hand. Hope it heals up quickly. Question, did I miss something? Geordie is MIA, is he still with you?

  8. I found your videos through my friend David Knudtson. I really enjoyed the last two videos in particular. I liked how much you talked to the camera and getting to know your personality. It feels like I'm traveling there too!

  9. Wow man, crazy raining going on there!! I'm glad you survived it, and weren't hurt any more than the scrapes on your hand!! Definitely a day to remember though. Be careful out there, and stay safe man, and thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  10. yes you're back! 🙂 thanks for uploading because remember that there people who are really looking forward to watching your vlogs 😀 okay be safe and have fun

  11. Haha your journeys are serious compared to Those shitty youtubers ( i mean the Mainstreams). Good that your back, have a nice Trip and dont get Yourself killed 🙂

  12. Dear Sir. It's great to see you Wowza! You gave that a good shot that part of your journey was dangerous You had one hell of a ride out that takes big balls man. I recently came across you from your Bangkok visit, Your Zest for life is an inspiration. It's good you have a good personality your a good guy, those people you meet there love you to bits. It's cheery for me to watch those lovely people treat you good it cheers me up. I enjoyed your film here. Sorry it turned out so wild, deadly, your giving it a good shot. For Gods sake be careful you could hurt yourself. This though lets me know as a person aspiring to your levels of commitment your decisiveness that your good guy!
    All the best From my iPhone in this virtual Internet world.
    Good luck for your next film… Say hi to the pretty lady on your hotel desk. We appreciate her generosity When God made her He was showing Off!
    From Craig White GB.

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