NHA TRANG to DA LAT | Cheap Travel Southeast Asia Ep10: VIETNAM Part 7

In the last Vietnam episode we explore some of the quieter beaches in Cam Ranh, then head to Nha Trang for Vietnamese New Year! Afterwards we drive through the beautiful scenic route to Da Lat and explore the city, trying out the rollercoaster at Datanla Falls and other activities.

We are travelling across Vietnam by motorbike for three months, from North to South and everywhere in between. We will share all the best and cheapest spots that we find in this country and show you why travelling by motorbike is something everybody should try!

About the series:
In this brand new series we are travelling around Southeast Asia for six months on a very small budget. From hostels and homestay’s to hitchhiking and many more simple ways to save money, we’re doing them all, and showing you how you can too!

If you have any questions on the tips and advice that we give, please leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “NHA TRANG to DA LAT | Cheap Travel Southeast Asia Ep10: VIETNAM Part 7

  1. Our time in Vietnam is coming to an end, we had some wonderful times in this country, (and maybe a few too many breakdowns) but we enjoyed every moment! Let us know if you've been to vietnam and how you found it, or if you're planning to go, where are you looking forward to most?

  2. Hi, may I know Nhatrang to da lat the road it suitable for cars? Because I want to self drive by car, but I don't know the route safety?

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