River Flows in You / Yiruma (Guitar)

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River Flows in You / Yiruma. Composer: Yiruma. Guitar arrangement: Ken Phang.

All credits go to the composer, lyricist, original arranger, producer, and artist of the song. This cover of guitar/ukulele demo and arrangement was produced by Ken Phang (Rainy Day Studio, Malaysia). If there is any copyright issue, please email to easyguitarmusic77@gmail.com.

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27 thoughts on “River Flows in You / Yiruma (Guitar)

  1. all of your tabs are so beautiful! I've been learning a ton of them on ukulele lately & I've been playing them practically nonstop. Thank you so much for posting them for free!!! <3
    do you think you'll ever turn this song into a ukulele tab, too? it sounds so lovely 🙂

  2. How about "Motohiro Hata"?
    If u do so I will be really very much happy….As I wanted to learn that song since my childhood……….Plz make my request come true….

  3. Really cool!! 🙂 Nice job
    Can I play your uke songs with a baritone ukulele? or they will sound totally different?

  4. Hello, I loved your video, it's so easy to learn and play.
    By any chance, you could rearrange this song too?
    Maurice Ravel – Pavane For A Dead Princess tab

  5. I've always wanted to know what was the name of this song! Thank you very much!!!😆

  6. hi, do you use any modifiers? because the sound of your guitar is kind of soft, how to get that sound? or is that just well played?

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