This Is How You Beat Volibear – League of Legends

This Is How You Beat Volibear – League of Legends

Season 9 Renekton How to beat Volibear as Renekton. High Elo ranked game against Volibear with RTO’s Renekton.
This is a Ranked Game VOD with Commentary in Challenger during Patch 9.19.

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10 thoughts on “This Is How You Beat Volibear – League of Legends

  1. Might of helped to throw down your wards my man. I don't think you put one down till like 8 minutes lol

  2. Voli hard wins a lot of bruisers. Heavy early mid game damage with zero reliance on building actual damage. Early game armor is stupid busted. Guy gets ninja tabi and has 100 armor cutting ur entire kits damage in half meanwhile he has more health and built in damage than you.
    Tanks in a nutshell in lol for u guys.
    Riot has a fetish for them being the strongest

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