Unboxing The £40 FAKE PS4 Pro

I found a fake PS4 Pro console, let’s unbox it.

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32 thoughts on “Unboxing The £40 FAKE PS4 Pro

  1. Thanks for watching as per usual guys! Let me know what you want me to unbox next! Comment below. 🙌❤️

  2. Is it just me, or are Chinese copycats getting better?
    I mean, they’re adding HDMI ports, what’s next?

  3. Honestly the console looks great and I’m definitely considering buying it has a lot of big fallbacks and good stuff I’m not sure, but keep up the good work and content hope everyone is having a great day 😁👌

  4. @Retro Dodo

    5:24 I just saw PES 2013 game 🤔
    Can you please make another video with this console and play it
    I'm really curious to see with what graphics the console plays it
    Could be the PS2 version or the Original version (PS3/PS4)

  5. When i was kid listening to AM radio was a treat. If I had this & a B&W TV as color tv was not the norm yet. I would of been on top of the world.

  6. It’s not a bad ideas if the industry would focus on one console it could work if they did this years ago wasting console on console ya know

  7. It's literally not a fair PS4 Pro. It's a classic emulator. This video really deserves more dislikes.

  8. Nobody:
    Literally every fake game console producer: About 25 years after they were considered old fashioned, let's make all our games 8-bit!

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