Using the Bootstrap 4 Grid | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

The grid is one of the core assets of Bootstrap 4 – time to take a closer look and understand how you may use it!
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50 thoughts on “Using the Bootstrap 4 Grid | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

  1. I love this guy soo much, I used his Vuejs Course and damn, he's sooo good. I like the way he teaches.

  2. I thaught this is a clickbait but actually he put a video of 2 hours into 18 min long video
    This is called bootstrap mastering
    Thank you sir

  3. This video is incredible, thank you for putting in the effort to make such an informative video. I learned more in this 18 minute video than I have this entire semester.

  4. What way to explain man you are just love <3. I didn't found such type of explanation with paid courses as well.

  5. I am trying to put a space between cullomn I put a margin left or right, the 2nd cullomn get down, it break line. can you please help me with my problem

  6. Brooooo I've literally been searching for how to vertical align using Bootstrap for an hour and I was about to lose my mind over this. Thank you so much man!!!

  7. How I can set my own media queries break points? I want to set the breakpoints myself, but be able to use commands like e.g, -md on divs.

  8. Really great video but you didn't mention anything about Autoprefixer. It's very important part of Bootstrap theming ❗

  9. Well done – this is a difficult concept to explain – and to understand. Thank you for making this video!

  10. thank you for this video,
    you're the best one in explaining all this, whenever I try looking up some explanations they don't know how to explain it except for you.
    well done

  11. I am taking a Web Development class, and my teacher is trash compared to you. In one hour you did what he didnt do in 4. Great video.

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