Why You FAIL to Gain MMR: The TRUTH About Pro Players and EVERYONE Else – Dota 2 Guide

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40 thoughts on “Why You FAIL to Gain MMR: The TRUTH About Pro Players and EVERYONE Else – Dota 2 Guide

  1. I dropped from Archon all the way to Guardian. I have never felt so bad about doing ranked. I need help.

  2. problem is everyone dont understand english if you hade all language in your sites this would be great

  3. a lot of people can't gain mmr because of their behavior score more so than their skill at the game, they are negative, critical and they tilt themselves easily, over all mentally weak

    once the behavior score gets too low, games become unplayable anything under 9k is dangerous territory as the lower you go, the less teamwork and cooperation are possible due to everyone having low behavior

  4. I got several tips and tricks on how to not make as many mistakes.. It helps a lot to see different types of players playing. Thanks a lot! Considering your website as well. Keep those videos coming 😂😊🤗💪

  5. the part around 24min. Thats the main low mmr problem i run in to. Im playing a safelane wich is going wel, and then all of a sudden i get a 3th player on my lain trying to get a kill, whole enemy team tps in and there go's the nice safelane. I have to then tp out and go for a different spot for farm. And then they flame WHY YOU LEAVE, WE NEED TO FIGHT. No its minute 11, im wk and i need my farm. I just have boots buckler and gloves and you think i want to look for fights? I look for last hits and a radiance, not a figt.

  6. Pls dont put invoker on thumbnail if the content is not about invoker, jeez twas expecting for invoker analysis this time

  7. I agree with your decision to showcase only the first fifteen minutes, BTW. I would like to see this become a regular segment, because there are a lot of heroes this comparison would be valuable on. One character I'd love to see you cover in detail would be Luna. I used to play her a lot and got to 60% winrate on her across 50 total games or so, but her squishiness has me afraid to pick her back up lately. I'd love to see how strong players handle her.

  8. The irony I'm learning from watching your content speeed is that I get a lot of these little things right (buy stat items, farm always, don't overcommit), but the "big, obvious" stuff I fall apart on. Taking fights I can't win or pushing a lane to that last creep wave when I should have left. Pretty sure I can gain 2k mmr by just… Being less of a derp.

  9. All of this telling low mmr players to cast spells fast is very dangerous, as a low mmr player sometimes I see the opposite. I see these players cast Silencer Ulti and god knows what when they see a single hero out the corner of their eyes. Its all about understanding the situation and when to use the spells, I dont think you can just say cast fast or cast late. For example some low mmr player might watch this and spunk every spell on their tank as the fight starts.

  10. hey man a while ago i started watching your videos and i gained 300 mmr thanks for the advices and keep going

  11. First of all, I'd like to appreciate that you do all these for free. ( not everyone are like you 😉 )
    this video was almost 27 minutes long but there had been around 2 years of playing Dota experience in it.
    If you do one for mid laners that'd be awesome.
    thanks again and keep up the good work my man 😉

  12. As a game leap subscriber and big fan of your content, this video might be the best I have seen thus far. Well done, Speeed! Keep making awesome shit for us to learn from!

  13. Gameleap : you lose mmr cuz u got low skill.
    Herald player : buy top rank accounts and feed.
    Me : am i a joke to you

  14. What the fuck are you talking about "low mmr" and then say he's top-60 mmr? How the fuck is that low mmr?

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